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swWiki is a subclass of swRecord and adds code that is important to display pages


swWiki extends swRecord

originalname retains the name that was asked for before a redirection.
parsedcontent stores the result of the parser. (content of swRecord should not be touched.)
internallinks is an array of internal links
interlanguagelinks is an array of interlanguage links. These show the name of the page in another language. This array is used to modify the language menus.
internalcategories shows the categories. Category links are not rendered into parsedcontent. You have to include them in your skin.
parsers is the list of parsers. You always have to attach the parsers to a wiki before parsing, because we do not have only general parsing like in view, but also specialized for search results or resume function.

parse() runs all parsers on the wiki. It does not parse User and Template pages. The function also preserve the lines protected with the nowiki tag.

nameshortwithoutlanguage() returns the mainpage name without namespace.

localname($lang) returns the local name, with localized namespace, if a systemmessage is defined for.

getdisplayname() returns the displayname if there was defined one with teh #DISPLAYNAME in the first line of the content. If not, it just returns the name.

link($action, $subpagelang="") returns a relative URL based on the page and the action.
It uses the simple URL syntax on view links if the global $swSimpleURL is set true in configuration.
If the language is set --, it returns the main page.
The special action editview returns not the simple syntax in editing context, to prevent 301 redirection.

articlelink($action, $subpagelang="")
should be obsolete (was talk pages)

contentclean() cleans the content for the textarea by replacing ampersand with its entity.

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