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Fast installation

Download the single file installer install.php.zip

Uncompress the file, install it on the webroot of your server and run it.

Demo video: Install SofaWiki in one minute: install.mp4

Manual installation

Procedure to install SofaWki on your server.

Install locally

You can also install the wiki locally on your mac. For that you need to

Note: The notify by mail will not work locally, if you do not have a SMTP server configured to work with PHP

Going further

Your wiki is now running. You can go further manually editing the files on the site

You can update from the Special:Update page. You may want to make a snapshot before you update.
The update has 3 steps the wiki does for you:

  1. Download the zip file from the remote server to your server into the SofaWiki root.
  2. Decompress the zip file into a folder install in the SofaWiki root. Check that all files are there.
  3. Install: Replace the inc folder and the index.php and the api.php file by the versions in the install folder and delete the install folder