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This demo shows a sample of an encyclopedia about technical video terms.
This wiki is in two languages: German and French.

You can edit this wiki if you log in with user demo and password demo. You have full access like an admin. Do not add spam links, the robots.txt file tells search engines not to index this demo. You can always restore the site with the restore link.

In this demo, if there are two articles with the same name for both languages, language subpages are created for both of them. There is a german page 16-9/de and a french page 16-9/fr. There is no page 16-9. You can edit the sublanguage page with Bearbeiten Multi. You could also decide to make german the main language and french a secondary language using 16-9 and 16-9/fr. But be consistent.

16:9 shows two techniques:

Digital Betacam has an interlanguage link to Béta numérique and vice versa, because the term in german and french is not the same.

Luminanz and Luminance have a #REDIRECT directive to Luma.

This demos uses samples from a dictonary written 1998 by Matthias Bürcher and translated by Elizabeth Waelchli. The original is here

16:9 32 KHz 44.1 KHz 48 KHz 4:1:1 4:2:0 4:2:2 4:3 4:4:4


Betacam SP

Cb Chroma Cr

Digital Betacam DV

FAZ Field


Letterbox LTC Luma Luminanz Luminance


Time Code



This is a demo site for SofaWiki