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After installation, you need first to edit the configuration file.

  • Copy the file inc/configuration.php to site/configuration.php and open it for editing.

Then edit the file

  1. Name your wiki ($swMainName will be used for the home page) and set the http base reference ($swBaseHref )
  2. Create a poweruser ($poweruser). The poweruser has always access, even if there is no user page for it. You can also create an array of $powerusers.
  3. Define the rights for all users and the default rights for new users, that create themselves (you can still modify them manually editing the User pages) ($swAllUserRights, $swNewUserRights, $swNewUserEnable)
  4. Define the fields necessary for the new user form ($swNewUserFormFields)
  5. Define how long a user stays logged in with $swUserCookieExpiration (value in seconds).
  6. Define your encryption salt ($swEncryptionSalt) so that md5 footprints cannot be reused on another server.
  7. Remove login autofill feature of the browsers with $swBlockLoginAutocomplete=true
  8. Configure skins and add your own ($swSkins)
  9. Enable languages ($swLanguages)
  10. Add namespaces for transclusion, if you want. ($swTranscludeNamespaces) Note: You cannot add the Special namespace (and you will not want to add the User namespace)
  11. Define searchable namespaces. By default, only the main namespace is searchable. ($swSearchNamespaces)
  12. Define your own SystemDefaults ($swSystemDefaults user interface localization). You can do this here or better editing the System pages.
  13. Define the Email for notifications and actions to notify you by mail. Note that users will always get a mail when they create them or when they lost their password.($swNotifyMail, $swNotifyMailCC and $swNotifyMailBCC)
  14. Define Hooks
  15. Enable simple URL.($swSimpleURL)
  16. Enable Image Scaler (for remote hosts only $swImageScaler)
  17. Provide a path to a RAM Disk for caching, if available $swRamdiskPath with trailing slash /. Or use the Berkeley DB as alternative setting the variable just to "db4".
  18. Define $swDbaHandler for bigger sites for better performance.
  19. $swLogAnonymizedIPNumber (default true) scrambles the last IP number for log files. The result numbers are still unique valid IPv4 numbers.
  20. Define $swMaxFileSize for the File Upload form. Note that the max upload size is also limited by the PHP.ini variables upload_max_filesize and post_max_size.

Now you can log into your wiki with the master user name and start Editing.

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