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To edit, you must start by with log in.

If you are a user with modify rights, you get a menu bar on top of the page.

  • View: view the page and history of page
  • Edit: edit page source, edit language subpages, fields, protect, rename and delete the page
  • New: create new pages (source mode or using a editor template
  • List. all special pages that list pages
  • Special: the other special pages
  • Debug (if you have enabled it and the skin supports it
  • You user menu

This opens the page as textarea. Edit it using the Syntax and save it with the Modify button.

To create a new page, create a link on an existing page for it, then click on the link and you get the message: This page does not exist. If you have create rights, you can click on the Create link to create the page.

If multiple languages are enabled, there are Edit links for all languages. There is also an Edit Multi link that allows you to edit all language versions of a page in one window.

Leave a short comment when you make changes to a page so that you remember the reason of the changes in the revision history.

Use the History menu to see old revisions of the page. You can click on each revision to see the diff to the current revision and eventually revert it.

If you have the respective rights, there are also the following menus:
Protect or Unprotect to lock a page.
Rename to rename the page.
Delete or Undelete to remove a page.