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Installed Functions

barchart (relation, options) creates a Bar Chart
bubblechart (relation, options) creates a Bubble Chart
calc (term) makes RPN calculation
com (t) marks Comment
countpages () Shows number of pages
countrevisions () Shows the number of the revisions
css (denominator, style) adds css to the header of the current page
currentdate () Shows current date
currentlanguage () Shows current language
currentname () Shows current page name
currentskin () Shows current skin
currenturl () Shows URL for the current page
currentuser () Shows current user
dctfingerprint (name) returns DCT fingerprint from image with name
dctfingerprintdistance (fp1, fp2) returns euclidian distance of 2 fingerprints
dctimage (name) returns Discrete Cosinus Function from image with name
del (t) marks Delete
diff (old, new) returns Diff as HTML
doughnutchart (relation, options) creates a Doughnut Chart
extvalue (name, field, separator, template, header, footer) gets the values of a field in another page
familyname (name) defines family name for albphabetical order, using exceptions
fields () shows fields in table when not in fields mode
firstvalue (field, template) gets the first value of a field in a page
functions () Returns a list of all installed functions
horizontalbarchart (relation, options) creates a Horizontal Chart
htmltabletofields (url,n) Creates fields from HMTL table.
ins (t) marks Insert
linechart (relation, options) creates a Line Chart
matrixchart (relation, options) creates a Matrix Chart
mixedchart (relation, options) creates a Mixed Chart
nameurl (s) translates string to URL
nowiki (text) envelopes text in nowiki tags
parsers () Returns a list of all installed parsers
piechart (relation, options) creates a Pie Chart
prettydate (date) formats text pretty
processing (code) Creates a Canvas with Processing.js
publishedversion () Shows the Published Version of SofaWiki
query (arguments) returns a database search as table
radarchart (relation, options) creates a Radar Chart
relation (source) executes Relation code
resume (name, length, raw) Returns the first words of an article
scatterchart (relation, options) creates a Scatter Chart
schedule (startdate, enddate, content) displays content based on timestamp
skins () Returns a list of all installed skins
sprintf (format, text) formats text like PHP sprintf
strreplace (old, new, string) Emulates the PHP str_replace function
substr (s, start, length) Emulates the PHP substr function
systemmessage (msg, lang) Returns System Message
templates () Returns a list of all installed templates
translate (text, source, target) translate text using Deepl
value (field, separator, template, header, footer) gets the values of a field of the current page
version () Shows the Version of SofaWiki