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Used by the System:Update page.

Update gets the latest version of the sofawiki software from sofawiki.cpm and installs it on the website. The procedure is very fast in 4 steps taking less than one minute

The update only concerns the api.php, the index.php and the inc folder. The site and the bak folder are not touched.


It is still a good idea to make a snapshot before you update, so you can still go back. The snapshot will be available in the options to decompress.

After some important updates, you may need to delete the indexes in the site folder to recreate them. This concerns site/indexes, but sometimes also site/cache, site/current, and site/queries. This is not automatic. You may also reload your page several time to build the entire index.



Implements wget using CURL as file_get_contents() does not work for other servers any more for security reasons.


Implements a recursive glob without recursion.

File structure inc folder inc/special folder