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By default, the sofawiki does not share information of the user with third party.

The log file tracks user activity.

  • For anonymous users, an anonymized version of the IP number is recorded. The last number is scrambled (default swLogAnonymizedIPNumber true)
  • For logged in users, the username is recorded in the log
  • Log files are consolidated in the logs-pages one per day to statistical information and only top users activity. This informartion is readable in Special:Metrics
  • Log files older than one year can be deleted manually by the admin via Special:Logs. Note that the deletion is definitive

Sofawiki uses a revision system. Deleted pages and old content are not visible and accessible any more with search and query, but they are still accessible via the history and present on the hard disk. You would have to delete the revision in the revisions folder. After deletion of this file, the revision might still be present in the short.txt file in the indexes folder if it is shorter than 512 characters, and present in a backup, if that has been made.