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Relation between name and URL

The name of a page has some restrictions (see Syntax) but it still can contain characters that are difficult to use in an URL. Therefore, the database uses the global function swNameURL() to make the names usuable for the URL.

There are some differences with MediaWiki

  • All characters are lowercase
  • Spaces are replaced by hyphens and not by underscore. We believe the URL are more readable when they are underlined
  • Letters outside the latin a-z A-Z are converted
    • German umlauts ä to ae, ö to oe and ü to ue
    • All other latin accented characters to their non accented variant: Genève becomes geneve
    • All nonalphanumeric characters are replaced by hyphens
    • Double hyphens are removed

Note that the unique ID of the page is the URL and not the name. Pages with different names but which result in the same URL are considered as the same page.


Les petites fugues les-petites-fugues
Das Fräulein das-fraeulein
180° 180
Mon frère se marie mon-frere-se-marie
Hors saison (1992) hors-saison-1992
Der 10. Mai der-10-mai
Menschen, die vorüberziehen menschen-die-vorueberziehen
Feuer & Flamme feure-flamme
L'usine (2005) l-usine-2005