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Skin design

The SofaWiki uses a minimal design that can however be easily adapted.

The following Skins are installed. They are derived from installations of SofaWiki. Try them out.

You can design your own skin easily by copying and editing the default.php and default.css in the skins folder. Store your skins in the site/skins folder, so that you keep the over updates of the code. Enable the skin in the configuration file.

First you can do much editing already the CSS file. The page as constructed in the default.php file has the main divisions

The default skin keeps all menus together. If you do not like that, you can create separate divisions. You have the following globals you can use

The skins use also some elements you can define directly in the Wiki: System:SkinHeader System:SkinMenu and System:SkinFooter

You can use Colorcode in your skin if you want to add syntax highlighting.