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Sofawiki Architecture

skin layer skin PHP and CSS
style layer wikitext
transclusion layer templates
database layer swFilter swQuery swRelation swRelationFilter swExpression
object layer swWiki swUser
swPersistance swDB swBitmap swParser swFunction
physical layer revisions current files cache indexes bloom monogram queries

Includes in a web request

  • index.php
    • api.php
    • inc/*.php
    • inc/functions/*.php
    • inc/parsers/*.php
    • inc/system-defaults-*.php
    • site/configuration.php
      • site/functions/*.php
    • inc/ramdisk.php
    • inc/image.php
  • inc/special/[$action].php
  • inc or site/skins/[$skin].php

Physical data

Everything site specific is in the site folder.

Do not modify content in the inc folder. It may be erased on update.

Complete representation of the website

  • site/revisions/*.txt
  • site/files/*.*
  • site/functions/*.*
  • site/skins/*.*

Cache of current revisions

  • site/current/(md5hash).txt
  • site/current/(revision).txt

Query cache

  • site/queries/*.db

Image cache

  • site/cache/*.*

Access logs

  • site/logs/


  • site/indexes/bloom.raw (big binary bitmap)
  • site/indexes/monogram.db (monograms)
  • site/indexes/records.db (copies of revisions, access is faster than single file)
  • site/indexes/urls.db (index of names)

Essential indexes (are recreated immediately if missing

  • site/indexes/bloombitmap.txt (bitmap of bloom indexed revisions)
  • site/indexes/currentbitmap.txt (bitmap of current revisions)
  • site/indexes/deletedbitmap.txt (bitmap of deleted revisions)
  • site/indexes/indexedbitmap.txt (bitmap of indexed revisions)
  • site/indexes/protectedbitmap.txt (bitmap of protected revisions)

.txt is source file or serialized php object
.db is sqlite3 db or Berkeley db