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Special pages

Special pages are not editable. They are PHP code that either dynamically create some information or allow to make a special action.

Informative Special pages:

Special:All Pages shows all pages of the main namespace.

Special:Backup creates downloadable backups of the site folder in the bak folder. The aim is to make ftp download easier when there are many files or many revisions

  • the code in the site folder as site.zip and siteYYYYMMDD.zip
  • the revisions by thousands as revisions-N000.zip (using parameter revisions)
  • the files ordered by revision by hundreds as files-n00.zip (using parameter files)
  • the log files by month as logs-YYYY-MM.zip (using parameter logs)

The following folders are not backed up as they can be recreated: cache, current, indexes


Special:Deleted Pages

Special:Deny manages blocked IP numbers. You can manually block an IP and you can also manually allow an IP, means deblocking a blocked IP.

Special:Field Search browses field values from the entire site.

Special:Images shows all images and uploaded files.

Special:Import Imports pages that were uploaded to the /site/upload folder.

Special:Indexes shows content of all indexes and also their bitmaps. It allows also to index the site


Special:Logs shows log files per month, filtered

Special:Metrics shows basuc statistics

Special:Passwords encrypt passwords for users as MD5. Creates also a link to the User page, so that it can be created.

Special:Protected Pages

Special:Query allows to search the site for fields like in a database. The page implements the query function. Search refresh deletes the cached file in the queries folder.

Special:Recent Changes shows recent modifications.
It forces also the update of the indexes, if they have to be refreshed. Request this page several times, if you rebuild the index and have many pages.

Special:Regex This powerful page allows side-wide Search and Replace actions. To prevent timeout, the replace feature is limited to 50 records at a time. Searched files can also be exported to a Zip file in the /bak folder.

Special:Snapshot Creates a snapshot of the current code and saves it as file in the files folder. There will be two files written. The first with a datestamp and the second just snapshot.zip to be overwritten. The snapshot does not include the site folder but creates an empty site folder structure. A dated copy of the snapshot is also saved to the bak folder.

Special:Special Pages shows all special pages

Special:System Messages shows all the translation for localizing the wiki.


Special:Upload Upload files and create a page for these files.
If you do not set a filename, the filename of the uploaded file will be used.
If the file exists already, the filename will be changed (file1.jpg instead of file.jpg) to preserve the old file, unless you check deliberately the Delete existing file if duplicate option.

Special:Upload Big Upload big files. The upload can handle more than 1 GB and is resilient, if you should close the window before completing.

Special:Upload Multiple Creates image files for each file that was previously uploaded into the upload folder. The prevent timeout, the upload is limited to 500 files at a time.

Special:Update allows you to update to the newest version of the SofaWiki software from within SofaWiki without using FTP. (Handle with care)


Some action are internally implemented as special pages:

  • Login
  • New User
  • Lost Password
  • Diff
  • Edit
  • History
  • Search (display search results).
  • Uploadfile (the result of upload).
  • View (default display of page)