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SofaWiki implements a subset of the MediaWiki syntax. The following syntax ellements are currently implemented:

  • ==header h2==
  • ===header h3===
  • ====header h4====
  • Linebreak for a new line and double empty for a paragraph (see also Paragraph tags)
  • ''italic'', '''bold''' and the combination '''''bold italic'''''.
  • Multi-level lists with *.
  • Multi-level ordered lists with #.
  • Multi-level blockquote with :.
  • Preformatted text with leading space. Note: Parsing still applies. Use nowiki tag to prevent parsing
  • Tables {| table |- tr | td. You can add attributes to the table tag like class='border'
  • Internal [[SofaWiki]] links and external links http://www.artfilm.ch.
  • Internal links with alternate text [[SofaWiki|alt text]] and pipe trick [[ns:name (par)|]]
  • Simpel external links http://www.artfilm.ch.
  • External links with alternate text [http ://www.artfilm.ch alt text]
  • Transclusion with {{syntax}}
  • Very few tags are allowed: b, i, u, s, sup, sub, tt, code, span, br, hr, small, big, div.
  • Use the nowiki tag to prevent Sofawiki to parse the text (works partially)
  • You can exceptionally comment out wikitext using the HTML comment syntax
  • In some contextes, some characters cannot be written directly: You can write the following characters as tags (enclosed by < and > ) to use them anyway in the content: pipe, colon, leftsquare, rightsquare, leftcurly, rightcurly, space.

Image and Media links see File upload and Scale image


For the name there are some restriction. Not allowed are:
  • tag characters < > for security
  • quotes " for PHP code problems
  • colons : are reserved for namespaces
  • slashes / are reserved for language
  • astersisks * are used in user rights
  • hard [ ] and curled { } paranthesises are separators

Relation between name and URL


The nowiki tag works only on the same line.
If you have a textarea, you need a trick to make it work so that it does not conflict with the textarea of the editor. interrupt the closing textarea tag with a /nowiki nowiki tag sequence.
For wikitext, tag characters < > are not allowed for security reasons except for commenting. You can use entities.