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To do list

Current errors

  • Relation: Wildcard on filter does not pad to all tuples in a page.
  • Annotate mode: Contenteditable add, remove text, accept and reject change, accept and reject all changes, add and remove comment. for users with modify. annotate is added as revision with invisible functions and user tagged. annotate context should be exluded in search
  • Check user rights on virtual selects
  • Data collection from logs
  • session_close_write when possible (no write for sure, not filter to check, maybe for these use lock)
  • more efficient bitmap graph (rect over multiple pixel) or ad hoc rle pict
  • split short.txt and urls.txt
  • Allow for acculumate revisions (can accumulate small content appending with timestamp like a log)? must be in a separate folder like named logs
  • Display source code
  • Typesetting sample
  • True multilevel bitmap
  • filter field * test also against values
  • Maintenance mode flag blocks access for all but superuser (redirect special page maintenance)
  • Templates for new pages directly in fields mode
  • Manually flip fields mode in editing
  • eBook export
  • calendarity (blogs, events)
  • user page interface
  • raw xml skin
  • Prevent double redirect (endless loop bug)
  • Simple installer
  • Categories in categories
  • Special pages:
    • User Contributions
    • External Links