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Sofa Wiki will allow extensive transclusion.

  • Include a page within another: {{:name}} for main namespace, {{namespace:name}} for other namespaces. Special pages cannot be included. Pages from other than the main namespace can only be included if the configuration file allows it. You can include language versions of pages and you can also use the placeholder /nn for language at run time.
  • User of Templates consolidating and rearranging content: {{name}} will include a template in the template namespace. Numbered parameters can be used in the templates {{name|arg1|arg2}}. When you refer to arguments within templates, use triple curled brackets {{{1}}}. Parameters can be optional and have a default value {{{1?defaultvalue}}}.
  • Functions act like templates but are built in. They use the same namespace as the templates, so do not name templates as the built in functions.
  • A powerful function is the Query function. It can search over the entire website based on freely defined fields.

Note for syntax:

  • For better readibility, you can also start a new line with each pipe character.
  • An argument can have more than one line.
  • The pipe character or the curly characters cannot be used as arguments. You can write special characters als tags (enclosed with < and >). This works for pipe, colon, leftsquare, rightsquare, leftcurly, rightcurly.
  • Multiple lines are removed and all values trimmed, except if you use the :: modifier at the beginning of the argument. Multiple lines in templates