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User Rights

The user rights are fine grained for each action and for each namespace. The following rights can be defined

  • _create: Create a new page with that name
  • _delete: Delete or undelete a page. This does not delete the revisions but it cannot be viewed any more.
  • _fields: Use the fields editor
  • _group: Inherits all rights of the user indicated as value
  • _modify: Modify an existing page and view the history of the page.
  • _protect: Protect or unprotect a page. Protected pages can be viewed, but not modified.
  • _rename: Rename a page
  • _upload: Upload a file
  • _view: View a page (default: main namespace)

The user rights are defined in the User pages

Transclusion is limited to namespaces defined in the configuration.
Results of searches and the use of the query function are limited by namespaces defined in the configuration and the view rights of the user.