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Scale image

Original image

Width 160, 100, 50

Height 160, 100, 50

Width 160 height 160
Width 160 height 80
Width 80 height 160

Width 160 height 160 left, center, right: second letter l c r

Width 100 height 50 top center bottom: first letter t c b

Numeric values for crop are also possible.
11 is top left, 19 is top right, 55 is center center, 99 is bottom right.

The goal is to fine tune thumbnail images, when aspect ratio do not match.

You can also use the auto option, to let scale the wiki based on image content.


The wiki chooses region with more detail. It will also crop automatically black borders. To see which regions are of interest, use analyze. It shows a 144x144 image (scale is ignored) and the detail regions in red.


The image versions are saved in cache, so the calculations happens only once.
The scaler never upscales more than 150%.