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Charts are provides as functions. They use Chart.js from https://www.chartjs.org

The functions use CSV data as first parameter and options as second.

In the Relation function you can use them with the delegate directive.

delegate "linechart -colors red,green"

The data must provided as following:

Options are in command line style, preceded by a hyphen.

Options can have arguments. If the option is a plural word, it can have multiple arguments. The are written in one word, separated by comma. If there are less arguments than data series, they are automatically expanded.

Sample line chart
Sample line chart with tension
Sample line chart with area and points
Sample bar chart
Sample stacked bar chart
Sample bar chart with custom colors
Sample horizontal bar chart
Sample mixed chart
Sample doughnut chart
Sample pie chart
Sample pie chart rough style
Sample radar chart
Sample scatter chart
Sample bubble chart
Sample heatmap chart

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